Home Page - Metal Clutch

Metal Handbag

Discover the sleek elegance of our handcrafted metal handbag, perfect for any occasion.

Home Page - MOP Clutch

Mother of Pearl

Experience the shimmering beauty of our Mother of Pearl clutches, timeless and elegant.

Home Page - Abalone Clutch

Abalone Purse

Adorn yourself with our vibrant abalone shell purses, a unique touch of oceanic elegance.

Home Page - Wooden Clutch

Wooden Clutch

Embrace rustic charm with our eco-friendly wooden clutches, perfect for a natural style.

Home Page - Clam Shell Clutch

Clam Shell Bag

Enjoy beach-inspired elegance with our clam shell clutches bag, perfect for summer occasions.

Home Page - Labradorite Clutch

Gemstone Bag

Enchant with our mystical labradorite clutches, featuring mesmerizing hues and unique style.

Resin Art by DCI

Explore our resin clutch range, featuring vibrant colors and unique designs, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Designer Collections

Discover our Designer Collection, featuring exclusive, handcrafted pieces that add elegance to any outfit.

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Lapis Lazuli Stone

Elevate your style with our Lapis Lazuli stone clutches, a blend of elegance and boldness.

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Real Turbo Marmoratus

Adorn yourself with our Turbo Marmoratus shell clutches, a unique touch of oceanic beauty.

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Natural Horn Crafts

Discover the natural allure of our Buffalo Horn clutches, blending strength and sophistication.

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Natural Scallop Shell

Embrace seaside elegance with our Scallop Shell clutches, perfect for summer occasions.

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Style with Clam Shell

Discover seaside elegance with our handcrafted clam shell clutches, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

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